Denver International Airport celebrates 15 years of operations

An entry sign invited visitors to participate in the airports’s anniversary celebration.

  Denver International Airport celebrated its 15th Anniversary on Sunday, February 28th, 2010. Preparations for the celebration took a number of months but only a day and a half to set up. The set up started on Saturday, the 27th when mechanics brought mockup sections of a Boeing 787 wing onto the main floor of the terminal.  

Tables were set up with white linen covering upon which they placed the wing. The rest of the airplane, the fuselage and right wing, were comprised of sections of vinyl which were fixed to the marble floor.

The finished wing was then topped with thousands of cupcakes around its perimeter on Sunday morning. Airport workers wearing aprons walked the floor of the terminal with trays of these cupcakes to hand out to other airport workers and, more importantly, delighted passengers.

  UAHF President Tom Goodyear and Foundation volunteers, Marv Berryman and Rich Twardy all attended the Sunday morning festivities. Marv and Rich both documented the event with their cameras. The festivities were repeated later that afternoon and again on Monday the 29th after which time the setup was taken down.  
UAHF President Tom Goodyear (left) and UAHF volunteers Marv Berryman (right)
and Rich Twardy (not pictured) all attended the event.