The 2006 Captain William S. Arnott Legacy Award Winner


The Captain William S. Arnott Legacy Award for 2006 was presented to Vicy Morris Young, for her ongoing work in emulating Captain Arnott’s example by preserving United Airlines’ history and inspiring the pursuit of careers in aviation.


Sara presented the award to Jan Lohr.


Vicy asked her dear friend Jan Brown Lohr to accept this award on her behalf.

Vicy was nominated for the Arnott Legacy award because of her lifelong work and enormous contributions to UAHF and United Airlines over a half century. Her independent, historical research and preservation of memorabilia has led to her renown as an authority whom scholars and media representatives consult when they are writing or producing documentaries about flight attendant history. Vicy assisted Bill Arnott in his early days of establishing aviation programs on the West Coast. They maintained current requirements for pilots at major carriers and secured pilot speakers upon request, at a time when United was the only carrier supporting such programs.

Vicy joined Clipped Wings and assembled collections of memorabilia and news clippings of early flight attendant history. She participated in UA’s first plan for a museum, setting aside space for Clipped Wings displays. She served as National President of Clipped Wings, as Editor, and in 1968 was awarded the Jacqueline Jos Ceaser Distinguished Service Award, the highest award given in Clipped Wings. At the National Clipped Wings Convention in Miami, she was offered the permanent post of Clipped Wings National Historian, and has continued to serve as appointed by each successive president. Her bound, newspaper- page-size albums travel to each biennial Clipped Wings Convention to educate the members in the rich history of their profession. She assisted United’s PR department with research and consulted on scholastic projects, books, TV programs, and more than fifty films. She set up an aviation program in the SFO Bay Area and worked with the Palm Springs Air Museum since it opened in the mid-90’s.

Throughout the years, Vicy always ensured that Clipped Wings, ® United Airlines Stewardess Alumnae and Flight Attendants, Inc. were involved in every important company milestone celebration. In 1999 she joined with United’s Corporate Archivist Barb Hanson and AFA Historian Georgia Neilson as they formed a committee to create a special exhibit commemorating the 70 th anniversary of Onboard Service. The year-long exhibit featured rare documents, photos, wing insignia and uniforms loaned by generous AFA members and Clipped Wings alumnae and was installed at United’s World Headquarters on May 15, 2000.

In addition, Vicy was instrumental in the creation of a living memorial to Steve Stimpson, the Father of Stewardess Service. A crab apple tree shading a granite-mounted bronze medallion was funded by Clipped Wings members with United contributing the balance, and it stands at the entrance to the Training Center in welcome to a new generation of aspiring flight attendant candidates in 2006.

Sara then read the inscription on Vicy’s award.

"The 2006 Capt. William S. Arnott Legacy Award presented by the United Airlines Historical Foundation on June 21, 2006 with deep respect and affection to renowned historian, Vicy Morris Young, who was fondly regarded by Bill Arnott as "the little sister he never had."

and then introduced Vicy’s friend Jan Lohr who she selected to deliver her acceptance speech.-

I am very humble and most grateful for this surprising award! Mainly due to its being named for Bill Arnott. For many decades, we shared a buddy relationship based on mutual interests in aviation history and working with college aviation programs back to the 1960s decade.

As you know, Bill left us too soon – December 15, 1998, while waiting to board an LA flight to Denver, he was fatally stricken. Our last contact had been over the Thanksgiving holiday. He and his wife, Nell, had long planned to visit me in my Southern California desert home some time in January. We would see the Palm Springs Air Museum. Bill would have time to go through the numerous history displays and albums I’d started in 1965 as a tribute to Clipped Wings and United.

We talked often of Bill’s teaching his twelve year old granddaughter to fly. We also spoke of the scattering of "Uncle" Steve Stimpson’s ashes and Bill’s frequent visits to Capt. Elrey "Jepp" Jeppeson. A big thrill for me was after I’d found a long-ago stewardess flight log with Jepp as Captain on two flights. After white-out (for age specks), enlarging it – Bill personally took it to Jepp’s home. Jepp called to say "thank you" then added: "my company locked up my personal log books way back." I treasure Bill Arnott’s memory, as he was like the brother I never had. When we compared notes, we found people often asked: "Why do you do this?" Oddly enough, our reasons were the same: "It’s our way of giving back to United Airlines. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I’ll be there in spirit – in the person of Jan Lohr. Thank you, Jan!