When they first took flight on May 15, 1930, the “Original Eight” stewardesses had no idea that they were launching a vibrant career for hundreds of thousands of professional flight attendants worldwide.  
  From the three month trial hiring of women to work as crew members on airplanes, to recognizing and negotiating the world’s first flight attendant union in 1945 -- founded by United's stewardesses themselves – the airline's contributions to the flight attendant profession are unequaled.  
  Aircraft technology and demographics have changed vastly over eight decades as shown below in the comparison of the 1930s Boeing 80A and the current day Boeing 777 in United Airlines fleet. However, the type of person who wears the United wings and Association of Flight Attendant pins today is of the same caliber as those eight giving, caring, self-managed, safety minded pioneers who founded the stewardess profession.  
  By comparison,  

  United’s corps of 15,400 (active and inactive) safety and service professionals represent a wide range of nationalities and they care for an equally diverse customer base. It is flight attendants’ kindness and professionalism, along with genuine care for the customer that brings customers back to United.  
Congratulations on your 80th anniversary
and thank you for a glorious ride!
Photos and memorabilia courtesy UAL Archives