Boy Scout Day at United Airlines Flight Training Center
UAHF President Tom Goodyear, his wife Nancy and UAHF volunteers Laura Coats and Marv Berryman assisted with the day’s events by providing guided tours of the Foundation’s extensive memorabilia collection that is on display throughout United’s Denver Flight Center. (Pictured far left - Tom Goodyear next to Laura Coats who is sporting the uniform worn by United Airframe and Powerplant mechanics in the 1970s. Far right - Nancy Goodyear models a United Customer Service Representative dress and jacket and Flight Attendant hat by world renowned designer Jean Louis. These fashionable garments were worn between 1968-1970)

On March 6, 2010, the United Airlines Flight Training center hosted a Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge day for 110 Denver area Boy Scouts. Twenty eight adult scout leaders, seven UAL simulator instructors, two UAL emergency evacuation instructors, three retired UAL employees and three classroom instructors also took part.

The day started at 8:30 am with registration and orientation for the scouts. We held a traditional scout flag ceremony in the cafeteria before sending them to their first two classes, which involved covering the basics of aviation and flying. Materials for the classes were generously supplied by the Jeppesen Company.

  The boys and adults then enjoyed a fantastic buffet lunch provided by the cafeteria and paid for by the ALPA UAL-MEC. They also visited the Mainliner store for the opportunity to purchase United souvenirs.
After lunch, the boys were split up into groups of 28. Each group then went into one of our B-747, B-777, B-767 or A-320 simulators, where each boy was instructed how to take-off, fly the pattern, and land under the direction of a qualified UAL simulator instructor.

They then were taught by our incredible EPI’s how to accomplish an emergency evacuation in the B-767 evacuation training mock-up and experienced sliding down the emergency evacuation slide.


  Next was a tour of the United Airlines History Museum, along the hallways on the second floor of the B and E wings. Finally, they built and flew model gliders constructed from foam dinner plates, and had a distance throwing competition outside on the grass. The winning glider soared 43 feet 11 inches.  

The scouts all had a great time, learned a lot about aviation, had some unique and fun experiences, and went home exhausted from the day’s activities. All scouts met the requirements to earn the Aviation Merit Badge, one of 21 Merit Badges required for their eventual advancement to the rank of Eagle Scout.

Many thanks to Mike New and United Airlines for the opportunity to provide the Boy Scouts with this great once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Article by United Airlines Airbus 319/320 Fleet Technical Instructor, Jeff Brock.
Photos provided courtesy of Jeff Brock and United retiree and UAHF volunteer Marv Berryman