In Denver and Chicago, employees had the opportunity to bring their families to the “One Airline/Family Blast” event that was held on Saturday, August 28, 2010 at the airport in these respective cities.   In San Francisco, the event billed as the 5th Annual San Francisco Family Day was held 10-10-10 coinciding with Fleet Week. The United Airlines Historical Foundation was invited to participate at all of these locations.

The event was held to recognize the teamwork and dedication of every United employee and across each work group that helped achieve United’s performance objectives.

End of summer events have also been scheduled through the fall at other hubs and line stations to recognize everyone’s outstanding work.  Employees will join with their colleagues and their families to enjoy the celebrations.    


In Denver, the United Airlines Historical Foundation was invited to participate as well as assist with the event.  Volunteers dressed in vintage Aircraft Mechanic, Customer Service, Flight Attendant and Ramp Service uniforms and enjoyed the employee and family activities that  included:

  • Food buffet
  • Carnival games and prizes
  • Boeing 777 tours
  • Police K-9 unit demonstrations
  • Personal airplane displays
  • Fire Truck Rides and Water Cannon Demonstrations
  • Dunk tank
  • Check out our pictures!
United workers and their families begin arriving for the day’s festivities.
  UAHF President, Tom Goodyear, models this vintage United Air Frame and Powerplant mechanic uniform from the late 1940s and early 1950s.  
  UAHF volunteers model vintage United uniforms. Those featured from bottom to top of stairwell are: Tom Goodyear, Rich Twardy, Bonita Ades, Howard Tress, Marv Berryman, Terry Tress, Phyllis Jack, Nancy Goodyear, Janet Meyer, Barbara Chapman and Laura Coats  
  UAHF volunteer Terry Tress models a 1968-1970 flight attendant uniform and her husband Howard is wearing a shirt worn by UA ramp service employees from 1970-1980.  
  (Left to Right) Retired flight attendants and UAHF volunteers Phyllis Jack and Janet Meyer model uniforms worn by United crews who served the company's routes to Hawaii.  
  (Left to Right) UAHF volunteers Marv Berryman, Laura Coats, Bonita Ades, Phyllis Jack, Barbara Chapman and Nancy Goodyear  
Employees relax and enjoy the buffet lunch that was served.

(Left) United workers and their families get the opportunity to take a guided tour of United’s Boeing 777 aircraft, after they get their passport stamped! (Right) UAHF volunteer Howard Tress (left) gets a turn to tour the aircraft.

There were lots of planned activities for the children of employees like the interactive game pictured here.
This vintage Fairchild 74 propeller aircraft (circa 1946) was a hit at the event.

In Chicago, UAHF director, Carole Tye participated along with UAHF’s Alliance Partner organization Clipped Wings®.  Carole is also a member of Clipped Wings®.   Planned activities included:

  • Picnic lunch
  • A “Bring your child to work” area
  • Dunk Tank
  • O’Hare’s Got Talent show
  • Fly Jump
  • Jumbo jet tours
  • “Minute-to-Win-It challenges
  • Live Entertainment
  • Check out our pictures!
United workers enjoyed touring the company’s impressive Boeing 747 aircraft and then relaxing over a great picnic lunch.
  Clipped Wings® members from left to right are Delores McGuffin, Carole Tye, Jan Brown and Christel Ilg, who was recently elected Vice-President of the national Clipped Wings® organization.  
  (Left) UAHF director Carole Tye strikes a pose under the engine of United’s B747 as she waits her turn to tour the aircraft. (Right) United volunteers wait for the first attendees to view the cargo section of the aircraft.  
  Jan Brown and Christel Ilg are shown at the table Clipped Wings® shared with the United Airlines Historical Foundation.  
Jan Brown is holding a flight attendant bear that was sold as a fundraiser for Clipped Wings®
Large posters feature United’s guiding principles of operation.
  This young boy is testing out a mock up of United’s new international business class seats or pods as they have been called which customers and employees can enjoy on Boeing 747, 767 and 777 aircraft.  
  Normally stationed at Operation North Pole, Santa also attended the event to remind employees and their families of the annual company sponsored holiday festivity called “Fantasy Flights” that takes disadvantaged or seriously ill children on a magical trip to Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. Clowns, magicians and elves entertain the children in specially decorated gate areas at United cities across the system. Many local companies and charitable organizations join in the festivities.  
Thanks goodness it was a beautiful day for employee volunteers to get dunked!
  Face painters showed off their artistic and creative skills with these beautiful and sometimes scary designs that the kids loved.  
  On Sunday, October 10, 2010, eight volunteers for the UAHF pitched in and handed out 686 brochures to the throngs of attendees who numbered unofficially at around 16,000. The volunteers for the UAHF represented all five organized retiree groups that are also part of the UAHF Alliance Coalition. Those who participated that day are from the Retiree Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, Retired United Airlines Employees Association, International Association of Machinists 1781 Retirees Association and Clipped Wings®, United Airlines Stewardesses and Alumnae and Flight Attendants, Inc.

Clad in similar gear to that featured in the Star Wars films, this space age storm trooper known as TK2304 was one of several storm troopers who circulated among the crowd at Family Day. Other acquaintances were made that day including current employees from UAL and from Continental. One volunteer working with the UAHF group, at a chance encounter, spoke with Jeff Smisek, the new CEO of United and Continental.

Some of the planned activities of the day included:

• The Blue Angels
• Aircraft Displays
• Live music by the Garage Band
• Plane Pull Contest
• Aircraft Tours
• Car Displays
• Kids Play Area
• Engine Shop Tour
• Storm Troopers
• Food Vendors
• Exihibits and Displays
• ….And Much More!
  Left - The UAHF was allocated space at this year’s Family Day and showcased a vintage advertising display from the early 1980s. Right – UAHF volunteer Cicina Norton was one of eight UAHF volunteers who assisted passing out UAHF brochures, membership applications and acquainted United employees, retirees, families and vendors with the Foundation.  

UAHF Secretary Georgia Nielsen gets ready to pass out brochures to some of the nearly 16,000 attendees of the Family Day event. 

  Left - UAHF volunteers pose with a Star Wars-like storm trooper called TK2304 who was a special guest at the event. Left to right: Dan Nielsen, Kathy Adams, Storm Trooper TK2304, Sally Urso, Cicina Norton, Jerome Underhill, and Barbara Underhill. Right - Kathy Adams, TK2304 and Barbara Undershill.  
  United's new President and CEO, Jeff Smisek attended the event. He addressed the crowd that day and made the rounds meeting employees, retirees and their families. A volunteer for UAL, Dan Nielsen, husband of UAHF Secretary Georgia Nielsen, had the opportunity to meet Jeff Smisek. During the conversation Dan invited Mr. Smisek to visit the United Airlines Historical Foundation's exhibits in Dock 1.  
  The United aircraft that were available for tours included a B747, a newly painted B737 from Continental's Fleet and a B757 which flies the special SFO/LAX to JFK routes. Vintage cars were showcased by employees, retirees and extended families/friends of workers at UAL. Several vintage motorcycles, airplanes and helicopters were also on display.  
  This beautifully restored vintage United Air Lines refrigeration truck (circa late 1930s) was one of many vehicles on display at Family Day.  

This pretend mountain was set up for children to test their rock climbing skills.

  Left - The popular and inspiring Navy Blue Angels are being readied for takeoff to go to the downtown San Francisco area for an air show. Right – The Blue Angels perform at the Golden Gate Bridge before their return to the San Francisco airport where they sometimes do a flyover and/or maneuver.  
Left – Airplane tails of the newly merged companies (L – Continental and R – United) are positioned next to each other. Right - United’s new livery is showcased combining both the Continental and United paint schemes.
  United’s widebody Boeing 747 makes an impressive sight as it passes in front of San Francisco’s world famous Golden Gate Bridge.  
  After an enjoyable and productive day the UAHF volunteers L-R Sally Urso, Tony Urso, Dan Nielsen and Cicina Norton are all packed up and ready to call the 5th Annual Family Day a success.