Dear Active and Retired United Flight Attendants and members of Clipped WingsŪ,


Thank you for visiting the United Airlines Historical Foundation (UAHF) website. As you were advised by your respective organizations in 2009, the Foundation was seeking your help to acquire missing flight attendant uniform garments and accessories that were being sought to complete a project that began in 2007 to donate “extra” uniforms items to a number of aviation museums across the United States.

This particular project is coming to a close and, as a result, we are no long accepting donations.  The items we have collected are now in the distribution phase out of our suburban Chicago work location.  However, the UAHF is still missing garments from certain time frames to complete its own collection and would encourage you to review the list below.  If you have items from the periods listed, they would be most welcome and could be sent to the address listed.  Upon receipt, you will receive an itemized form to sign and return as well as one to retain for tax purposes.   

The items UAHF would still like to acquire include:

*      Women’s uniforms and accessories from 1930-1970

*      Women’s uniforms from Hawaii to Mainland service from 1947-1980s

*      Women’s regional uniforms from 1990-1995 and 2006-2008

*      Men’s uniforms and accessories from 1972-current

*      Men’s uniforms from Hawaii to Mainland Service from 1950-1980s

*      Men’s regional uniforms from period 1990-1995 and 2006-2009.

The United Airlines Historical Foundation is extremely grateful for the support we received on the museum donation project and we offer our sincere thanks for all who participated in it.

With appreciation, 
The UAHF Uniform Project Team (Chicago)

Please send all future donations to:


 The United Airlines Historical Foundation
Attention: Tom Goodyear
7401 East Martin Luther King Blvd.
Denver, CO 80207